Here everything is weaved. Each branch of the forest merges with another
creating its depth, the songs of the birds are woven into the same mantle.
The roots share the earth, you can´t know where a being begins and where it ends
between the rivers that run inside to an infinite shawl that weaves us life.

The forest is alive and we are also within it.
Everything we feel is united to this forest of cells, membranes, veins,
thoughts, words, breaths, steps and heartbeats.
The spirit of the life weaving the forest we all are.


Rosy Jungbluth, born on the coast of Perú,
lives in the mountains of the Sacred Valley in Cusco,
where ancestral cultures are alive, and loves the jungle, the Amazonas,
where life is woven to a totality: everything is alive.
In each natural landscape finds its inspiration for painting.
She studied Visual Arts at the National University of Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina.







Critical Act by Open Collaborative.

19. März 2016, Rote Fabrik
Wer zahlt die wahren Kosten der westlichen Modeindustrie?




schalttag Wandellust s


Flugblatt QGS Wandellust


Impressionen des zweiten Wandellust NähAteliers
am 26. Februar 2016; die Reihe wird so lange die Welt
noch nicht fertig zusammengenäht ist,
auf regelmässiger Basis fortgesetzt.


Verein Wandellust

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